SOUL MAPPING IBIZA - Card readings in Ibiza  

SOUL MAPPING IBIZA > Card readings by Tara Fredriksson using Osho Zen Tarot cards

Card readings by Tara Fredriksson using Osho Zen Tarot cards

Tara Fredriksson

I create a space for you to reconnect with your Highest Wisdom where you lay out your own cards creating a guiding map of your mostly unconscious Now moment. Any obstacles on the way to your Inner Knowing, which are reflected in the "outside world" are able to dissolve effortlessly.

"Who am I ?
More than 20 years of experience have lead me to be receptive and open to receive guidance and to connect with your Higher Self which usually has a profound message for you and for me on our de-lightful journeys!"

Soul Mapping Sessions take approx. 90 min.

for more info:
mobile: 625 72 39 33
land line: 971 33 44 59

Osho Zen Tarot > Transcendental Game of Zen

Transcendental Game of Zen

The "mirror" of the tarot, asked any question, in fact exposes what you already know.
Cards drawn are a direct reflection of what you are unable, or unwilling, to recognize in the now, encouraging you to detach and unprejudiced recognize and experience your deeper self in its entirety.
The images of the Osho Zen Tarot are alive and their impact is undeniable, their language is recognized by our deeper selves, as they awaken understanding and provoke clarity.

The Transcendental Game of Zen is a gift for your individual growth, with meaningful messages for you.

A testimony of SOUL MAPPING IBIZA by Tara Fredriksson

A testimony of:

SOUL MAPPING IBIZA by Tara Fredriksson

My experience of laying cards with Tara:

Whilst my yoga holiday on Ibiza, I got to know Tara and was immediately taking in by her offer to lay cards. Tara is such a warm-hearted, energizing and positive person, that I knew it would be a great experience.
And a great experience it was.

First of all Tara’s approach is different: it’s not about telling the future, it is about laying out the present.
The aim is to see – in the cards you draw yourself – what you already know, maybe subconsciously.
And by laying out the cards make it real and saying it out loud.
Tara ist there to guide you, listen to you, comment on your thoughts (and laugh out loud in moments, when the next card is just so unbelievably fitting :-))
She is a wonderful, witty und good-humored woman, I felt comfortable throughout these two hours and in very good hands.
The time went by so quickly but it keeps on influencing me, remembering some mantras Tara gave me, on the way that the cards showed me.
If you believe in these things or not – completey up to you. But I promise; you will find out some very true insights for yourself that are absolutely useful.
Thanks so much for that, Tara!!!

Love, Christiane